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Taking Care of Business


This past year I was able to boost my art business to a new level of success. I entered and showed my art at 8 festivals and acquired 3 new galleries (Kentucky, Laguna Beach and Truckee)  to represent my work.  Lo and behold, I finally hired a studio assistant!

Jenn comes into my studio every Friday and helps with a myriad of production jobs, from rolling clay slabs, to hammering copper wire for hangers.  She has brought her energy and friendship into my life and helped to transform how I approach many aspects of my art production. It’s funny, but when I need to train someone I suddenly find myself needing to break each step down, designing a kind of recipe for each art piece’s construction. What had been sheer intuitive action by myself before, now needed to be duplicated, step by step. I am fortunate, Jenn is also a creative, has a nose for good design, and a keen eye for efficient processes.

The end result?  There is a lot more art being created in my studio and this amazing woman has become an integral part of it!  Here’s to you Jenn!

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