Art is about relationships in my opinion. The relationship an artist has with her subject matter, the relationship of elements in the composition itself, and the relationship the viewer has with the finished artwork. I’m sure I haven’t named them all!

My love of animals, especially horses, is an ongoing love affair that began when I was around the age of 4 and first sat atop our neighbor’s paint horse, Lilly. Lilly knew she had a rube on her back and proceeded to brush me off on a low hanging tree limb. I didn’t take it personally, and began riding daily until my confidence grew and Lilly came to respect me. Horse lovers out there will tell you horses have much to teach us, and I agree!

My sculptures express my lifelong



fascination with the spirit, beauty and grace of horses.

2 thoughts on “Relationships

  1. judithmonroe

    Ah yes, I had a horse try to brush me off with a tree, too. But I was a teenager and more stubborn than that horse that day, helping me to learn the value of tenacity. Your love of horses truly shines through your sculptures, my friend!



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